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HMI Tour Dates

Tour Dates



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1. Hoba Hoba Spirit, "El Caid Motorhead" (Morocco)

2. The Kominas, "Shariah Law in the USA!" (Pakistan/USA)

3. The Kordz, "Last Call" (Lebanon)

4. Arthimoth, "Baptize" (Iran)

5. Lazywall, "Cold Enemy" (Morocco)

6. Orphaned Land, "Ocean Land" (Israel)

7. Cafe Mira, "Youmallah" (Morocco)

8. Taham featuring Salome, "Taghsire Man" (Iran)

9. Hayko Cepkin, "Bertaref Et" (Turkey)

10. Creative Waste, "War Machine" (Saudi Arabia)

11. Farzad Golpayegani, "33" (Iran)

12. Clotaire K, "Lubnan" (Lebanon/France)

13. Beyond East, "Beyond the East" (Egypt)

14. The Dam, "Mali Huriye" (1948 Palestine/Israel)

15. Mekaal Hasan Band, "Ya Ali" (Pakistan)

16. Acrassicauda, "Message from Baghdad" (Iraq)

17. Blend, "Inc." (Lebanon)

18. Aksser, "Abdel Kader" (Lebanon)

19. Junoon, "Lal Meri Pat" (Pakistan)

 Check back soon for credits for all musicians and for CD booklet, as well as for information on how to purchase the CD and digital versions of the album and bonus tracks not on the CD.