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Photos of bands, performances and other media

CNN's coverage of Mark's 2007 performance at the famed Barisa Rock for Peace Festival in Istanbul with Iranian guitar virtuoso Farzad Golpayegani and his group.

Video of Mark performing with Moroccan world music legend Hassan Hakmoun

Radio documentary “Heavy Metal Islam”-- aired on hundreds of stations across the US

Video of Mark's interview with members of PEN and Free Muse about music and censorship across the Muslim world, in Copenhagen

For video of Mark' exclusive interviews with “Rock On” on Pakistan's The Musik, click HERE and HERE

Check back soon for Mark performing with Moroccan Gnawa-funk-metal sensation Cafe Mira at NYC famed club, S.O.B.'s. Or visit their website, CAFEMIRA

Check back soon for video of Mark performing with Junoon's Salman Ahmed and the members of MC Rai.

For video and audio of Mark's appearances on various news programs (The News Hour, O'Reilly Factor, Hannity and Colmes, NPR, etc.) please click HERE.

Most of the bands discussed in the book have videos on YouTube. Some of the best videos include:

Arthimoth (Iran), “Baptize”

DAM (Palestine/Israel), “Born Here”

Orphaned Land (Israel), “Norra El Norra”

The Kordz (Lebanon), “Last Call”

Junoon (Pakistan), “Lal Meri Pat”

VHI Rockumentary on Junoon

Sajid and Zeeshan (Pakistan) “Lambay,”

2007 Boulevard des jeuns musiciens (Morocco)

Dubai Desert Rock Festival

For a full list of websites for bands discussed in the book, click HERE



Check out videos on the Heavy Metal Islam youtube playlist! Youtube users can subscribe to the playlist to be updated when new videos are added: